Learn Afro-Caribbean Dance with Richard Gonzalez

Learn right here, right now a Afro-Caribbean dance with Richard Gonzalez. Come to Djoniba Centre to take his class and learn many more steps and have a great time!
TUE 7:30-9:00pm / THU 6:00-7:30pm

The Afro-Caribbean dance from the video:  Richard’s dance is fused with the influences of Caribbean rhythms and traditions. His training in Katherine Dunham technique at the Alvin Ailey Dance School is incorporated in the principles of alignment with the vocabulary of Caribbean dance.

Afro-Caribbean Dance
This master teacher of Afro-Caribbean and varied contemporary dance forms exhibits in his dance a strong ethnic fusion that result of the African, Spanish and Taino influence ever-present in the Caribbean.

Richard Gonzalez
Acclaimed for his inspirational classes, Richard Gonzalez, choreographer, musician, and performer, is nationally recognized as a premiere interpreter of Afro-Caribbean folkloric and contemporary dance. Baba Richard who over the course of his 25-year career has shared the stage with notable artists, has participated in numerous dance festivals, and has served as instructor and lecturer at dance conferences.

Learn Haitian Dance with Peniel #1

Learn right here, right now a Haitian dance with Peniel Guerrier. Come to Djoniba Centre to take his class and learn many more steps and have a great time! Friday 6-7:30pm

The Haitian dance from the video:  The dance shared with you that you can now learn and practice at home is a step from the dance named “Koyi”.  It represents the mermaid Queen of the ocean named “Lasire”.  She is beautiful, strong, and proud.

Haitian Dance
Haitian dance is a blend of African, Indian and French traditions. When Africans were brought to Haiti to work as slaves, they also carried with them their music, dance, religion, rituals, and customs. Over time, the African cultural traditions evolved and melded with the indigenous Indian and French cultures. Voodoo is at the root of Haitian dance. According to Haitian religion and folklore, the gods and goddess, called Loa or L’wa, created dance movements. Such movements encompass a broad range of dynamics from subtle to aggressive.

Peniel Guerrier
Peniel Guerrier began his formal dance training in 1987. Herve Maxi, the most prestigious teacher in Haiti, was impressed with his dancing and invited Peniel to study in his school. Subsequently Peniel danced with the National Dance Theatre for 8 years and toured all over the world: Venezuela, Paris, Hungary, Japan, Montreal, Germany, Santo Domingo, and the United States. During this time he also toured with the Baccoulou Dance Company.