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Performed worldwide, such as Walt Disney World, Bush Gardens, Guggenheim Museum...

From Djoniba's Students...

"Please accept this letter as another testament to you as a teacher, a mentor, and to the excellence of your dance center. You have shown me what it takes.. to realize a dream.. thank you for showing others what vision, hard work, and love can produce."
-Annie Ackley, New York

"I thank you for what you accomplished for our students and how you furthered the goals of our multicultural curriculum."
-R.W. Graham, John Jay High School, NY

"I started 12 years ago as a total beginner. It didn't take me long to improve, thanks to Djoniba. He broke down the steps, yet the class was fun and exciting. Over the years I watched him turn so many beginners into advanced students."
-Daniella, student

"Thank you for making a place where people can come dance and drum together."
-Heather, New York

DVD: Joneeba African Dance

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CD: Drums for Your Soul

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BOOK: Joneeba! The African Dance Workout

Joneeba! African Dance
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Djoniba Mouflet

Founder / C.E.O / Executive Director, Djoniba Dance Centre

Djoniba Mouflet is an internationally-acclaimed drummer, dancer, teacher, performer and choreographer as well as a musical producer, writer and composer. Born in Martinique, he spent many of his early years in Senegal, Mali, and Guinea, West Africa, where he studied with renowned dance and musical masters Boully Sankho, Doudou Ndiaye Rose, Kemoko Sano and many more.

Djoniba mastered the dances of various regions of Africa as he studied with tribes in small villages as well as in professionally staffed schools and companies, including Mudra Afrique, Ballet Foret Sacre, Ballet Meissa, Ballet Conakry and the National Ballet Africain of Guinea. He also studied ballet at the Dance Theatre of Harlem, and is trained in modern dance, jazz dance, music theory and acting. He has worked with Spike Lee, Chaka Khan, Will Calhoun, Al Corley, Kid Creole and the Coconuts, Lindsay Wagner, Olatundji, and many others.

1993 Djoniba Centre construction

With Spike Lee

At his recording studio
Djoniba has come a long way from his poverty-ridden childhood in Martinique, his days without food in Africa and his nights sleeping on the New York City subway.

In the Spring of 1993, he founded the Djoniba Dance & Drum Centre, the third largest black-owned dance studio in New York and the first ethnic center in the U.S. Djoniba built the center himself with the help of students and friends. His goal to create an institution that brought together people from different ages, races, communities, economic levels and cultures was an instant success.

He is the author of the book, "Joneeba!", writer and music composer of his own CD "Drums for your Soul", and several other CDs, including " Mbaalak Funk" which features legendary singer Thione Seck and Baaba Maal. He produced and was featured in a DVD about his dance technique "Joneeba African Dance Class".

Mouflet is also the founder and choreographer of " Ballet D'Afrique Djoniba" a company of dancers and musicians performing traditional West African dance and music. Their extensive international tours have included performances on some of the world's most prestigious stages, including Walt Disney World, Bush Gardens, the Guggenheim Museum, the Museum of Natural History and hundreds of public schools and universities in the USA.

Over the years, thousands of students have passed through Djoniba's high-energy classes. His unique "Joneeba" teaching style and technique has become a model for many. His students have included Tyra Banks, Julia Roberts, Brooke Shields, Roshumba, N'Bushe, Janina as well as Iman and Montel Williams's children to name a few.

Djoniba is tireless in his work as a humanitarian and cultural ambassador. These endeavors include programs for homeless children and a children's scholarship program which has helped hundreds of children from low-income families to dance and drum for free.

Teaching at NY public schools

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